Tablet Takeover

ipad-air-back Tablets will account for 50% of all PC’s shipped globally in 2014 according to research done by Canalys. In the past we’ve seen desktops being replaced by laptops and now the trend is turning in favor of tablets.

This is a big jump in the tablet market being that tablets only made up one-third of all PC’s shipped earlier this year. Contrary to popular belief, Androids are leading the tablet movement instead of the iPad. This is mostly due to the sheer number of Android tablets available on the market compared to the iPad line. A variety of Android tablets are also offered at more affordable pricing than iPads.

With tablets soon becoming the majority of PC’s being shipped globally does this mean the end of desktops and laptops? Most likely not, desktops and laptops will continue to have their place but tablets will become the popular choice due to their affordability and mobility. It’ll definitely be interesting to watch how the fierce competition between iPads and Androids will continue to shape the tablet market.