How Secure Is Your Password?

passwordsecurityIn today’s world our internet passwords hold the key to almost everything. From emails, to personal information on Facebook, and even our valuable banking information. Having your password compromised puts all your information at risk which is why having a secure password is extremely important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Recently, a team of cyber security researchers discovered a database that contained about 2 million stolen internet passwords. If that wasn’t surprising enough, the majority of the stolen passwords were identical! The researchers found many of the compromised passwords to be simple and common ones such as “123456” or the obvious choice “password.” This just shows that people are still using insecure passwords.

Here’s a few tips on making your password secure:

  • Use capital and lowercase letters
  • Make sure to include numbers
  • The longer and more complex, the better
  • Avoid using common words and words found in the dictionary
  • Don’t use the same password for everything

If you’re using a common password hopefully after reading this you’ll reconsider and create a more secure password. Scared of forgetting your complex passwords? You can always take advantage of password manager apps or simply save them in your notepad on your smartphone.

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