GRQ is now partnered with My Blind Spot a non-profit organization leading in the promotion of internet accessibility for the blind, visually impaired and print disabled. My Blind Spot and GRQ aim to reduce the boundaries that limit access to technology, information and communication through the improvement of adaptive technologies. Services and public information on the internet must not exclude individuals based on their disabilities. Therefore website accessibility is a legal obligation similar to how parking lots are required to include handicap spots. GRQ offers a variety of services to ensure that your website is accessible.

Accessibility Services Offered:

  • WCAG Accessibility Verification and Compliance
  • Website Remediation
  • Ongoing Audits and Website Certification
  • Usability Testing – we have over 100 testers world-wide that are members of the disability community
  • FREE Consultation

Accessibility ensures that your information reaches every individual regardless of their visual capabilities. Through the promotion of digital accessibility,  the communication and employment barriers faced by the blind and print disabled can be lessened.


Optimizing your website for accessibility not only breaks down communication barriers but also opens your website to the visually impaired market. It’s estimated that 21.2 million adults in the United States (more than 10% of the adult population) are living with visual impairment or completely unable to see. This increase in traffic and compatibility offers a competitive edge over websites that aren’t accessible. These benefits combined with the legal obligations means every website needs to be accessible. Contact GRQ today to find out how accessible your site is and what needs to be fixed.